My First Baby is Back!

If you are a mother, there are some things you never forget. The moment you discovered your home pregnancy test turned positive (and celebrated buying the brand name not the generic)! The first time you heard a natal heartbeat (and secretly wondered if you would be giving birth to a horse). And, of course, the moment your beautiful baby emerged from your womb (and you were thankful that he/she didn’t resemble your mother-in-law).

If you are also a writer, then there is an eerily similar feeling to giving birth to a first novel. At first, there is shock, excitement and lots of fantastical dreams of what it will be like to be an author. What if it becomes a best seller and you get recognized in restaurants? What if the book deal turns into a movie deal? Ohhh, the possibilities. But then come the fears.

What if the book doesn’t sell? What if the Amazon reviews are scathing? What if this book is your swan song because your muse quits?

There is such a mash-up of emotions, but as with becoming a parent, neither your greatest dreams or fears are the ones that happen. It’s the stuff you never see coming that shakes your world. Like going on a book tour in painful heels and talking to the cashiers at Barnes & Noble because readers were extra busy that day. Or doing a talk at a library when someone raises their hand to ask if you know any famous authors.

But there are awe-inspiring moments, too.

When my debut, A LITTLE HELP FROM ABOVE, was published, I ran over to Book Revue, a local bookseller (and lucky for me, one of the best in the country). I offered to sign copies, but was mostly hoping to see someone in the act of picking the book up and buying it…  which actually happened. It’s a thrill I’ve never forgotten. I’m also fortunate that it was the first of many incredible encounters with readers.

But why rehash old news? Because today, this baby is a Kindle Daily Deal. For $1.99, readers who have never read my books can enjoy the ride for less than the cost of a Starbucks latte. A lot less.

If you could curl up with a novel that explores family dysfunction and long lost loves from the vantage point of a dead mother, please check out this great offer. Nothing makes me happier than connecting with new readers or readers who take a second spin.

And then my hope is you’ll move on to my other titles. Laugh or your money back! Okay, just kidding about the refund but hoping you won’t want one.


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