Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead

Title: Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead
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Published by: Avon (HarperCollins)
Release Date: July 22, 2008
Pages: 319
ISBN13: 978-0061253775



In Mindy’s yoga-obsessed, thirty-is-the-new-wife neighborhood, every day is a battle between Dunkin’ Donuts, her jaws-of-life-jeans and Beth Diamond, the self-absorbed sancti-mommy next door who looks sixteen from the back. So much for sharing the chores the stores and the occasional mischief to rival Wisteria Lane.

It’s another day, another dilemma until Beth’s marriage becomes fodder on Facebook. Suddenly the Ivy League blonde needs to be “friended” and Mindy is the last mom standing. Together they take on hormones and hunger, family feuds and fidelity and a harrowing journey that spills the truth about an unplanned pregnancy and a miracle that altered their fates forever.

Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead is a hilarious, heart stopping romp over fences and defenses that asks what did you do to deserve living next door to a crazy woman? Sometimes it’s worth finding out.


“Mindy Sherman is as lovable and funny a hero as any I’ve read in years. I laughed, I cried and loved every minute!”
–Valerie Frankel, author of This Is the New Happy

“Filled with belly laughs and a great big heart! I loved this smart, saucy take on suburban angst. Every page is a gem!”
—Ellen Meister, author of Dorothy Parker Drank Here

"Mindy Sherman either has the neighbor from hell, or is the neighbor from hell, depending which side of the Lexus-lined driveway you’re on. While her image-conscious, nutrition-obsessed, high-maintenance neighbor Beth fails to appreciate the intricacies of carpooling, purse parties, and other niceties of life in suburban Long Island, fashion-challenged, grooming-beleaguered Mindy scarfs fast food, juggles credit cards, and lives in stained sweatshirts… As each woman faces an escalating series of family crises, a white-knuckle, life-or-death emergency brings the true meaning of friendship home in unexpected ways. Through a winning blend of hip and humble humor, Rosenberg simultaneously skewers and celebrates the institution of suburban sisterhood."

"There’s enough suburban-mom anxiety in Rosenberg’s crackling fourth novel to fuel several ulcers: worrisome in-laws, spoiled-brat kids, a husband with a shrinking income, a new found stepson and a gorgeous neighbor whose nastiness knows no bounds. The nonstop crises in Mindy’s diary of domestic disaster would easily torpedo both credibility and patience if it weren’t for this harangued housewife’s edgy wit and chicken-soup-for-the-soul warmth. Though hostile next-door-neighbor Beth Diamond is the presumed Darth Vader in Mindy’s life, it’s clear the pair have more in common than they’d like to admit…If you enjoy giddy diversions, this chronicle of a long and bumpy suburban ride can be surprisingly sweet and is well worth the trip."
—Publishers Weekly