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Eden Sterling’s dream of winning a cooking competition is about to go up in flames.

Can her lucky spoons save the day?


About A Lot on Her Plate

A twelve-year old chef is starved for acceptance when her mother fat shames her. But how can she choose her own path if she can't choose what's for dinner?

About Saralee

With the name Saralee is it any surprise I love cake. But write a novel about the diet culture that shames people into avoiding dessert? Never saw that coming. Then a book title came to me and I knew it was time to confront a familiar subject … struggles with my weight. A year later, I finished A LOT ON HER PLATE and though it is different than my previous four novels (my first for middle grade readers) I explore a tough subject with great humor and heart. Also, a plate of cookies.

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AND JUST LIKE THAT… Channeling a Young Carrie Bradshaw

Spoiler alerts! I was an early fan of Sex and the City, though when it first aired in 1998, I was long past being single in the city. Instead of hugging a Cosmo, I was hugging a second grader and wondering where my other two kids went. Yet the writing and acting were so great…


Need a Speaker?

“Saralee Rosenberg is the Erma Bombeck of the 21st Century — she finds the laughter and humor in our daily trials and reminds us of the joy that exists within us.”

Belle Baxter, Director, Elwood Public Library