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Eden Sterling’s dream of winning a baking competition is about to go up in flames.

Can her lucky spoons save the day?


About the Story

In this middle grade novel, complete at 50,000 words, 12-year-old Eden Sterling wishes she had a recipe for joy. She dreams of being a chef but when her body grows wider instead of taller the pressure is on to stay out of the kitchen. Especially from Mom. If only she could win a baking competition and prove that dessert is not the problem. Diet culture is. It's (a younger) DUMPLIN' meets STARFISH in a timely story about the burden on girls to give in, so they fit in.

About Saralee

With the name Saralee is it any surprise I love cake. But write a novel about the diet culture that shames people into avoiding dessert? Never saw that coming. Then a book title came to me and I knew it was time to confront a familiar subject … struggles with my weight. It took years to get the hero's voice right, but I'm quite proud to introduce TOUGH COOKIE. And though it is different than my previous four novels (my first for middle grade readers) I explore a tough subject with great humor and heart. Also, a plate of cookies. Okay two.


"If you enjoy giddy diversions, this chronicle of a long and bumpy suburban ride can be surprisingly sweet and is well worth the trip."

Publishers Weekly on Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead

"Through a winning blend of hip and humble humor, Rosenberg simultaneously skewers and celebrates the institution of suburban sisterhood."

Booklist on Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead

"I was pulled into the story of each family. A great read with just enough humor and emotion to make it satisfying!"

—Goodreads Review on Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead

"Loved the crazy plot and writing style... I felt like I was having coffee with the main character ... I was at the edge of my seat asking "nu"? I will definitely be reading more from Saralee Rosenberg!"

—Goodreads Review on Claire Voyant

"I adored this book and immediately downloaded Ms. Rosenberg's other three. I want to call her and tell her, "More, more!" I feel as though I could be friends with this fine, insightful author."

—Amazon Review on Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead

"Mindy Sherman is a person we'd all like to call a friend. She's funny as hell, compassionate, kind and wise. Her story will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Highly recommended!"

—Amazon Review on Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead