Claire Voyant

Title: Claire Voyant
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Published by: Avon (HarperCollins)
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0060584412


Of Course, The Future is a Mystery. But the Past?

After years of struggling to get Hollywood’s attention, CLAIRE GREENE, 29, finally gets her big break. She lands a supporting role in a romantic comedy starring box-office bad boy, Alan Handler. Unfortunately, Alan bails a week before shooting begins, citing a sudden desire to check out an Ashram in Idaho. With Claire’s agent.

“It’s no use,” Claire e-mails her father.“The only film I’ll ever star in is an x-ray. I’m thinking of moving home.” Not that she’s anxious to reunite with her oooh-lets-go-to-Applebees family in Long Island. Not that she thinks the prospects for love are better in New York (although in L.A, men drink hydrogen peroxide cocktails and wear fur coats).

Get ready to lift off on a spiritual adventure that promises love, laughter, oh-my-God secrets, and a ride to the “other side” you’ll never forget. For once a dead spirit inhabits her soul, Claire discovers she is clairevoyant. A girl who knew nothing of her real past, but now her future is coming in loud and clear.Enjoy the journey, but lock the bathroom door.



"Looking for a grown-up fairy tale? Almost more of a modern day, new age fairy tale than what I usually expect when I pick up some ‘Chick Lit’. Despite how far out there it was, though, I stayed up half the night so I could finish the book in one sitting. Great characters; the main character had that perfect balance of flawed and lovable."
-Amazon Review

"A Buoyant Claire Voyant. Though some frequent flyers might fear their lives ending on an airplane, not many expect that mid-air is where their new lives might begin, but that is what happens to beautiful, self-absorbed, and unemployed fanny model, Claire Green. This is a wonderful story-although be warned that it’s also quite addictive-like the old potato chip commercial, you can’t read just one page. I found myself unable to stop reading, no matter how late the hour, or how early I had to get up. Claire never expects that when her flight takes off, what she’s left behind is not just her family, her friends and her life – but also the person she’d always thought she’d been. CLAIRE VOYANT is not only about her search for identity, and the chance meeting with a stranger who will completely change her life’s direction, but also about the ways in which we are actually all connected, and how flexible the notion of “family” really can be. This is a fabulous book – funny, warm, hopeful and wise. It takes everything you though you knew about family, dismantles it, and then puts it back together with the strongest and sweetest of glues. I loved this book and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Cheers, Saralee Rosenberg, for your insightful, generous, and loving new novel."
-Amazon Review

"Witty, among most satisfyingly delicious books in the genre. After a less-than-stellar day I had run to the bookstore for sanctuary and took this book home. Before I knew it, it was 7 am – I had not been able to put it down! I had devoured it in one sitting. It was delightful. One of those books you read on the airplane or train or bus, and suddenly let out a huge, semi-hysterical belly-laugh that makes all your fellow passengers frightened. Filled with the kind of delicious wit where you wish you had been the first one to say it just like that, because goodness knows you thought it. It had been like spending a day with your best girlfriend, talking about all the crazy things in your life, and feeling you were understood."
-Amazon Review