Sometimes when your life is falling apart it may be falling into place…

That has been the theme of my life and maybe yours, too.

Without warning, we get sucked into challenging circumstances that make us wonder what we did to deserve such bad luck. Then things improve and we look back and say, “Got it. That happened so I could be shown a better direction.” In other words, life happens for a reason.

But when we lose loved ones there is no right direction. We’re just overwhelmed with emotion. How will we live without them? Can we somehow communicate?

That sense of profound loss and hope is at the heart of all of my novels, not because I’m obsessed with death but because I am convinced in life after it. I channel spirit every day and believe we are ALL capable of doing the same. It is a matter of paying attention to the signs and symbols around us and having faith that our connections to family, friends and even pets are eternal.

You do hear their voices, feel their presence, smell their scent… that robin perched on the window sill is a greeting. Hello, it’s me and I’m thinking of you.

A few years ago, I interviewed Theresa Caputo, for a magazine article and she was as wonderful and special as she appears on TV. But, what I loved most was feeling her powerful energy. Our talk validated my belief that our connection to spirit is real.

If you believe this, too, I know that you will love my novels. They are supernatural stories with a laugh track that explore the many ways in which our loved ones stay close by. That’s why I hope you will read A LITTLE HELP FROM ABOVE, CLAIRE VOYANT, FATE AND MS. FORTUNE and DEAR NEIGHBOR, DROP DEAD (all from Avon/HarperCollins).

I am currently at work on a new project that is taking me in an exciting direction. A LOT ON HER PLATE is my debut novel for younger readers and it is the story of an aspiring chef with a family history of eating disorders. I am also at work on a new adult novel, WHEN WE COME BACK. This karmic mashup of love, friendship and betrayal explores past lives and the ways in which our baggage return with us. Read about all of my books on this site and please sign up for my newsletter to stay posted.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to dream BIG!!! I did and it brought me to you.

Love, light and laughter.
Saralee Rosenberg