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Saralee Rosenberg author | speaker | humorist

Saralee Rosenberg

author | speaker | humorist

Archive for November 2018

My Novel Breakfast

I’m a breakfast person. Doesn’t have to be big or fancy. Just enough coffee to jolt me into a new day and something utilitarian to eat to stave off hunger. But is the breakfast table a wellspring of creativity? Hardly. I’m too busy catching up with my husband and the day’s headlines. Or as my…

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A Novelist’s Quest for A Happy Ending

My former nine-time elected Congressman, Steve Israel, must have been having a really bad day in DC if he suddenly decided that becoming a novelist would be far more rewarding. Understandably he’d had it with chicken dinners, fundraising and the wrath of unhappy constituents. But never did he imagine that sitting behind a table at…

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