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Saralee Rosenberg author | speaker | humorist

Saralee Rosenberg

author | speaker | humorist

Archive for October 2018

22 Words of Healing

I did not know any of the victims who lost their lives in the middle of Shabbat services last Saturday. But in a way I knew all of them. Or at least understood the connection they felt to the Tree of Life synagogue. Having grown up in an observant family, I spent my entire youth…

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I Can See Clearly Now…

I was recently stuck in a traffic jam on a busy commercial street. Both sides of the road were packed and drivers were, big surprise, freaking out. Every time the light changed someone, or several someones, ran the red and ended up blocking the box. Not great, but not the end of the world. Except…

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I Can’t Keep Calm. I’m a Mother!!

If there was an Olympic competition for those who panic, fret and agonize, I would be a gold medalist. Might be because I inherited the worry gene from my mother or that as a novelist, I’ve had to train my imagination to go to scary places. But in the name of sanity, I am trying…

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