1508594_10151973409971655_473547008_nThank you for considering me as a speaker for your upcoming event.

With over twenty- five years of experience as a public speaker, I understand how important it is for you to bring in someone your audience will find entertaining and engaging.  Equally important, you want to work with someone who is responsive and professional. You have a lot riding on this!

As you will see from my testimonials, I can be counted on to deliver a great presentation that will make people laugh and learn. Not only can I speak about my novels and the writer’s life, I have also developed two engaging workshops for women. These interactive presentations work beautifully for fundraisers and annual luncheons/dinners.

Women’s Intuition: Miracle or Myth

All women have instincts. An inner voice that urges us to pay attention to what is in our heads and our hearts. But do we listen? Too often we don’t and regret it. Now in this memorable workshop by novelist, Saralee Rosenberg, women will learn fast and simple ways to tap into their inner most thoughts so they get their happy endings, just like the characters in her books.She explores where intuition comes from (the same place as creativity!) and how it can give us clarity and peace of mind when we need it most. The program also includes group interaction and intuition testing. It’s fun and empowering and shows the value in trusting the answers that come from within.

“I recently attended Saralee Rosenberg’s Intuition workshop at Hofstra’s Super Goal Sunday, and it was one of the most enlightening, engaging and inspirational programs I’ve ever attended. Saralee was hilarious, but also very informative and grounded about a topic that transcends our usual boundaries. She taught me how to open myself to accepting the things I already sense, and that was incredibly eye-opening. I want everyone I know to take this workshop!” Ellen Mogavero


“Thank you for making our event perfect yesterday. Your talk on intuition was witty, well thought out, and captured the attention of one of the toughest audiences I know. It was like having Erma Bombeck in our midst. Many of the things you said remained with the people with whom I spoke. You have a real gift for spinning a tale.” Roz Scheidt, Monroe Township ORT


“Saralee Rosenberg is the Erma Bombeck of the 21st Century — she finds the laughter and humor in our daily trials and reminds us of the joy that exists within us.”  Belle Baxter, Director, Elwood Public Library

“Saralee Rosenberg is a truly gifted speaker who immediately grabs an audience’s attention with humor and keeps them laughing and inspired throughout. I have worked with her on several events, and in every instance, her remarks are intelligent, thought provoking and entertaining. People always comment afterwards that they thoroughly enjoyed listening to her.” Debbi Honorof, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Hofstra University, Continuing Education


First Responders: How Women Can Stop Solving Other People’s Problems

For many women it feels like new day, new dilemma. But not all problems are of our own making. Too often other people’s problems are the ones that can have the greatest impact on our routines and in our ability to find happiness. In this eye-opening presentation, women will discover creative ways to get family and friends to think for them selves and to fix what they broke. They’ll learn to distinguish between real problems and so-called emergencies, discuss effective techniques for problem-solving, as well as come away with tips on how to make themselves a top priority again. It can be done. Just ask a man. 


“You don’t realize you’re learning when you’re laughing so hard, but Saralee Rosenberg’s talk on solving other people’s problems really hit home. I am going to try some of her creative strategies next time my family expects me to drop everything and fix their mess.” – J. Zimmer


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