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The Drama Mama's

The Drama Mama’s

For Book Groups:

Thank you so much for your love of books and support of emerging authors. Because of your willingness to spread the word, I have been able to grow as a writer and find my audience. I am forever indebted… not that I can afford to pay you back.


 Special Offer to Book Discussion Groups

Would you like me to join you at your next gathering? Through the miracle of video chats I can “stop by” . Here’s how it works for you:

1. Before we “meet”, designate a host with whom I can communicate, and have that person email me to make arrangements. s[email protected]

2. Please ask each member to read the book and prepare two to three questions.

3. Let’s do a test run the day before on Skype or Facetime so that we’re good to go.

4. Chats usually last for twenty minutes to thirty minutes and they’re a lot of fun.


Video Chatting

Video Chatting

 Again, thank you for reading me and wanting to discuss my book(s) with your group.