Fate and Ms. Fortune


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When Destiny Called, She Pressed One for More Options

If your name was Robyn Fortune, wouldn’t you expect the streets to be paved with gold? Or at least paved? Not so for this 33- year old make-up artist/ stand-up comic from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Ever since meeting, marrying and divorcing David Fortune, life has been one, long rocky road, with not a single sign pointing to either fame or fortune. Only she’s not laughing.

Her ex’s gambling debts left her teetering on bankruptcy. Her bi-polar boss at “Daybreak” is about to can her. And over at Hotel Marriage, Robyn wonders if she’ll ever check-in again, while her sexually bored mother, Sheila Holtz, is threatening to check out.

That’s because back in Jersey, her husband, Harvey Holtz, an amateur cartographer, prefers mapmaking over lovemaking. Ironically, he’s the proverbial lost soul who can’t find his way back to his wife’s heart. So it’s up to Robyn and her older brother, Phillip, to get their parents to reconcile. Well, just Robyn. Phil would help. Really. But he’s swamped with work and family obligations.

“What do you mean you don’t where she is?” Phillip yelled. “Then get her a god damn cell phone already.”“I don’t want to get her a god damn cell phone. I want her to go home so she can’t read my mail and listen to my messages and hock me every morning about brushing my gums and taking my vitamins and ask me ten times a day where I’m going and when I’m coming home and who I’m going out with and is he from a good family and what do his parents do… I’m not kidding. By next week I’ll be up on murder one.”“Then I promise to represent you.”“You’re a bankruptcy lawyer!”“Exactly. You need to protect your assets during your incarceration.”“I HAVE no assets.”“Even better. Then you won’t interfere with my paying clients.”

Go figure that a family bar mitzvah would be the place where fate stepped in, making it a date with destiny for Robyn’s whole family. It all starts when Robyn meets a man who offers her money to go on a blind date with his brother, Ken, a broken man who has apparently won the misfortune sweepstakes.

Expecting love at first sight? Sorry, it’s a table for one at their self-pity parties. Until Robyn discovers a photograph in his apartment that she took fifteen years earlier and realizes that their paths have been crossing since birth. But emotionally unavailable Ken is not interested in talking old times, while Robyn doesn’t want to spend another minute with this insufferable bore. Ah, but nothing trumps fate. Not even free will.

In a series of coincidences that can best be described as “bashert”, Robyn and Ken’s lives suddenly become entwined after a little misunderstanding in a fleeing ambulance. Thus begins an odyssey into that which is preordained.

Fate & Ms. Fortune is about family and commitment, and the need for shared responsibility in order to keep it whole. It’s about rebuilding life after the foundation has cracked and about finding love when it doesn’t seem to be on the map. But mostly it’s about realizing that when fate knocks, you’d better answer the damn door. Good fortune could be waiting.



Reader Emails and Reviews

“Hi! I just had to write and tell you how much I love Fate and Ms. Fortune. I’m only on page 68, but I am lovin’ it so much I just had to tell you! I read on the exercise bike in my basement, and I can’t wait to get back on the bike so I can read more!” – Sheri Jill


Dear Mrs. Rosenberg, I just finished fate and loved it. I laughed and cried throughout the book.  Now I have read all of your books and am waiting anxiously for your next one. Please write faster. I have told all my friends about you and your books. I hope they fly out the bookstores. – Respectfully, Joan Einziger



From Amazon Reviewers:

By Arlene Millman. “This is the third book I’ve read by the ever witty Saralee Rosenberg. Every book has been a home run, although dealing with different issues. A delightfully witty creation, “Fate and Ms. Fortune” deals with marital discord and compulsive gambling, generously sprinkled with the ever present humorous and zany perceptions of the author. Why are her books so appealing? I believe it is because her character development is real and palpable, and her plots are sufficiently convoluted to keep the pages turning. Meanwhile, she delves into supernatural issues, in an entertaining manner. Hope she can write them as quickly as I can read them!


Humor and romance at its best! BBook Lover from GA “Robyn Fortune has had a rough year. Her ex-husband bankrupted them both and is in jail. She hasn’t been laid in a while and her mom has decided to leave her father and move in with her. Oh and she’s a stand up comedian, who’s day job is a professional makeup artist to a beloved television presenter, who’s a real nightmare in real life… I loved this book. I laughed out loud constantly and was rooting for both Kenny and Robyn. I loved how Sheila, Robyn’s mom took over Robyn’s life, and how as frustrated as Robyn got, she never went after her mother with both barrels blazing… This book had comedy, romance, drama, and even some supernatural aspects. This is my first read by Saralee Rosenberg, and I will definitely check out her other titles. Happy reading! :)


EXCELLENT STORY!!! By Nicole Pagoulatos  “I bought this book on a whim, about to jump on a flight to Florida and Saralee just so happened to be selling her books in front of my gate. She said it would be a funny love story. I expected it to just keep me busy on the flight, not the entire weekend… but I could not put this book down. It was written with such believable characters. I felt like I knew someone just like each of them and their stories were so realistic… It kept me reading and reading chapter into chapter so anxious to see the turn out yet so sad it was ending. I laughed out loud through the entire text, my heart raced at times and I was stomping my feet during others. It made me think about fate and how things sometimes seem to make so much sense and you really want a certain turn out, but your destiny is already written for you and ultimately is what you need. Always listen to your heart it will lead you to the truth! I loved this book and can’t wait to read more of Saralee Rosenberg.”


Lisa Bedigian “Goddess Isa” (Centerline, Michigan “I’m a fan of Saralee’s books. I read “A Little Help From Above” about ten times. She’s fabulous. I was excited for this book & it didn’t dissapoint. The story is fast, funny, at times heartbreaking, and definitely worth reading. Fate keeps telling Robin what she needs to do and where she needs to be, but will she finally listen? Read it and find out!”


Amazing author…amazing book! By Patti “Loves to read!” “I have read all three of Saralee Rosenberg’s books and have loved each one. Saralee has made me laugh, cry and think like no author has before. She is able to create characters that are easily identifiable and easily embraceable. I truly recommend Fate and Ms. Fortune but would be remiss if I didn’t also recommend A Little Help From up Above and Claire Voyant as well.


By Lori Garcia (Lorain, OH) “Saralee has done it again! She has written another funny, witty, and clever book that I couldn’t put down. I’ve read “A Little Help from Above” and “Claire Voyant” and loved this one too. I’m sorry to see her books end because I get so “into” the characters. I’m still thinking about them long after I’ve finished the book. Saralee is such a brilliant story-teller; I can’t wait for her next one.”


Saralee’s Best Yet By Erika K. Moore (NY, NY USA) “I always love reading Saralee, but this one is particularly satisfying. Trademark relentless humor firmly in place, this novel also treats pathos with sensitivity. You can’t help but root for the heroine, her family and friends, regardless of their eccentricities, which Saralee makes thoroughly sympathetic. An absolutely great read; highly recommended!”


Laughing Out Loud BGloria Raskin “I laughed out loud as I read this new book by Saralee Rosenberg. It is so funny and witty and true-to-life. You know these characters, you are probably related to some of them, and the words they say are the words you would say, if you had the nerve!
The book was entertaining and difficult to stop reading. It kept me amused throughout, and I loved the twists and turns. A fun story that takes you on a roller coaster ride of romance with an unpredictable ending.”


Funny & very enjoyable! By Ivala “love 2 read” (new jersey) “I LOVED this book! I am a fan of Rosenberg’s other books, A Little Help from Above, and Claire Voyant, as well.This book was so well-written, as are her other books. It was extremely funny, and had me intrigued from page 1! I couldn’t put it down. You ultimately love the characters as though you know them! The story was great; moved well and kept you wondering what was going to happen next! It’s exactly what you want in a good read! Get this book, but realize ahead of time, that you may neglect your family in order to read!! :)”


Funny!!! BTola (Chicago, IL) “Robyn is a make-up artist by day and stand- up comedian by night. She is pretty, funny and witty, but has very bad luck. After her divorce with her husband who was also a hopeless gambler, she was left with huge debt. What’s more, her mother decided to leave her father and move in with her and pursue long lost love. Robyn’s boss is an unappreciative tyrant. And to make things worse, she meets the love of her life who is nothing but a rude jerk to her and clearly takes advantage of her and keeps going back to his big love- famous and beautiful actress. Robyn, however, does not let anything get to her and keeps believing that one day things will change for better…I truly enjoyed the book. I thought Robyn was very likable and hilarious. She made me laugh from the very first pages, all the way to the end. In the era of chick-lit and the avalanche of Bridget Jones -like characters, Fate and Ms. Fortune beats the competition with wittiness and lots of humor. I’m looking forward to reading previous books by Saralee Rosenberg.”