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Of Course the Future Is a Mystery, But the Past?

This is Nuts!

After years of struggling to get Hollywood’s attention, CLAIRE GREENE, 29, finally gets her big break. She lands a supporting role in a romantic comedy starring box-office bad boy, Alan Handler. Unfortunately, Alan bails a week before shooting begins, citing script differences and a sudden desire to check out an Ashram in Idaho. With Claire’s agent.

“It’s no use,” Claire e-mails her father.“The only film I’ll ever star in is an x-ray. I’m thinking of moving home.”  Not that she’s anxious to reunite with her oooh-lets-go-to-Applebees  family in Plainview, Long Island. Not that she thinks the prospects for love are better in New York (although in L.A, men drink hydrogen peroxide cocktails and wear fur coats).

Ultimately, she packs it in because she’s had it with being overlooked, underpaid, stood up, felt up, compromised, criticized, lied to and laughed at. And that’s just on Monday’s.

Sadly, she never expected to return home broke and alone. Or to find the same crummy mattress and clearance-bin comforter still on her bed. Or her twentysomething siblings, Adam and Lindsey, still calling dibs on the bathroom and the computer. Or her parents, Lenny and Roberta, still bickering 24/7. How could she possibly be related to these people? Maybe she isn’t.

A week before her thirtieth birthday, Claire heads to Miami to visit her grandmother and to visit a South Beach modeling agency specializing in booking butt doubles for film producers. At this point, even a “back door” opportunity is worth pursuing.

On the flight down, the elderly passenger seated next to her is anxious to make conversation. Claire blows the man off, preferring instead to get lost in her “People” magazine. But no sooner does the plane reach a comfortable cruising altitude than he clutches his shirt and collapses on her tray table. Flight 1311 was Abe Fabrikant’s final boarding call.

Claire is so wrought with guilt for ignoring the man, when the plane makes an emergency landing in Jacksonville, she gets off with “the body”, meets his next of kin (a one-man Miami heat wave), and concocts a story about how she and Abe connected like dots. It’s a decision that will turn her life upside down forever, for although she knew nothing of his existence, there is, indeed, a connection. A very close connection.

Get ready to lift off on a spiritual adventure that promises love, laughter, oh-my-God secrets, and a ride to the “other side” you’ll never forget. For once Abe inhabits her soul, Claire discovers she is actually clairevoyant. A girl who knew nothing of her real past, but now her future is coming in loud and clear.

Enjoy the journey, but lock the bathroom door. You’re not coming out until you’ve read to the very end of CLAIRE VOYANT.



Reader Emails

“Hi! I practically am obsessed with your book Claire Voyant! LOL. I’ve read it from cover to cover about 10 times. I’ve got to say I was more into your book than any others and I’ve probably read all the books in the book stores!” – Sarina/SDA Dancer


“Hello Saralee!I recently have read (and reread) Claire Voyant and I love love love the book! I could not stop reading it while on vacation in Hawaii :) It gives me hope of love! But honestly, your books are so fabulous and it is such a joy reading them, you are a FANTASTIC author!” – Jamie Miller :)


Hi, I just had to write you to say your book, Claire Voyant, is one great read! I have never laughed so much than when I was reading your book! It was so funny, funny, funny! I just wish that I had read it sooner. Your writing is so touching without being “cheezy”, so funny without being corny and so original with a touch of the paranormal. All in all, your book is worthy of my time spent reading it! Can’t wait to get my hands on your other books!” Write some more, please! – BB Brenneman


“Some time back my dear friend, Erica, handed me a copy of Claire Voyant. She told me I would not sleep until I finished the book. I read it in 2 days (I did take time to sleep) and the day I finished it I sent you an e-mail telling you how much I loved the book. You wrote back the following day. That is when you replaced Marian Keyes (sorry, Marian) as my favorite author! Since then I have read Fate and Ms. Fortune and A Little Help from Above and I loved them both. While at Borders last week I saw Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead. I didn’t read the back or the first page like I normally do when deciding whether or not to buy a book. Saw your name and that was enough for me. Imagine my surprise when I opened the book and saw the Eleanor Roosevelt quote that my social studies high school teaching boyfriend ALWAYS says to me. I laughed so hard, and instantly knew I was going to love this book. And love it I did. Thank you so much for being the amazing story teller that you are. I recommend you to many and have lent out my copies of your books to others so that they can know how great of an author you are. (granted, they are not buying copies, but I am sure they are telling others about you) :)Can’t wait for the next book!” – Sarah Vanderhoof


“Hello again! I finished Claire a few days ago and LOVED it. Honestly, it’s my favorite so far! I absolutely love a good story that is so hard to believe yet can totally happen! And as for Dr. Drew, could he have been more perfect? Ugh. It just made me wish that he wasn’t just a character and that love stories could happen that way in real life! I could not imagine any of that happening and I was so envious of Claire! :-) It really only took me about three days to read it. I obviously couldn’t put it down but I figured after reading Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead I would love Claire. My bestfriend shares a love for books like yours and I’m lending her both to read now…I’ve never written to an author before but you seem very down to earth and I appreciate that. Thanks so much for writing such great books. You’re an amazing writer and I look forward to reading your other books!! Best wishes!” – Sarah Vanderhoof


“Hi Saralee, I had to just send a note b/c I am almost finished reading Claire Voyant, and of course loving it! As always when reading your books I am taking my time getting to the end b/c I don’t want it to end…but I just realized that I have one more of your books to read so I guess I can hurry and finish this book and move on to the next one (Fate and Ms. Fortune).”  – Lisa Goren


Hi! Last week I boarded a Delta flight from L. A. to Atlanta. On the seat next to mine was “Claire Voyant”.  I thought someone was going to sit there and had laid the book on the seat while she stowed her bags. When a young man sat in the empty seat, I asked if it was his book. He told me that it wasn’t. I thought it was strange the air crew didn’t take the book when they did their clean up before my flight.  hmmm…

Curious, I started reading.   Was it a coincidence that the story starts in an airport?  It was funny and had lots of twists and turns.  I’m sure the other passengers thought I must be a nut with my bursts of laughter.  What a great book! The book had been read many times and wasn’t in new condition — bent corners and a big rip in the cover.  I think it was meant for me and was left by unknown angel who wanted to pass it on (again). While I was reading, I kept thinking of the people I could share it with.  The first one will be my daughter. I know she will love it and when she is finished, she will pass it on. I can’t wait to read your other books!!!”  – Monica Anfinson, TN


“Thank you! I’ve just spent the last 48 hours with your marvelous book “Claire Voyant.” If it had not been for the 5 kids I would have finished it within the hour. My Goodness, you’re brilliant! I enjoyed every moment of the book – except the end – it meant I had to face the reality I had been trying to escape the last 2 days. The way you write is absorbing, the story line – incredible, believable & all so funny. Congratulations! P.S Am also going to choose your book for our next book club. Thank you again, – Katie/yogachakra, Sydney, Australia.



Reader Reviews From Amazon:

Looking for a grown-up fairy tale?By M. Garrison (Seattle, WA) “Almost more of a modern day, new age fairy tale than what I usually expect when I pick up some ‘Chick Lit’. Despite how far out there it was, though, I stayed up half the night so I could finish the book in one sitting. Great characters; the main character had that perfect balance of flawed and lovable.


A Buoyant Claire Voyant By Christine Ohagan (Long Island, NY) “Though some frequent flyers might fear their lives ending on an airplane, not many expect that mid-air is where their new lives might begin, but that is what happens to beautiful, self-absorbed, and unemployed fanny model, Claire Green. This is a wonderful story-although be warned that it’s also quite addictive-like the old potato chip commercial, you can’t read just one page. I found myself unable to stop reading, no matter how late the hour, or how early I had to get up. Claire never expects that when her flight takes off, what she’s left behind is not just her family, her friends and her life – but also the person she’d always thought she’d been. CLAIRE VOYANT is not only about her search for identity, and the chance meeting with a stranger who will completely change her life’s direction, but also about the ways in which we are actually all connected, and how flexible the notion of “family” really can be. This is a fabulous book – funny, warm, hopeful and wise. It takes everything you though you knew about family, dismantles it, and then puts it back together with the strongest and sweetest of glues. I loved this book and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Cheers, Saralee Rosenberg, for your insightful, generous, and loving new novel.


Witty, among most satisfyingly delicious books in the genre By Anniina Jokinen (Austin, TX) “After a less-than-stellar day I had run to the bookstore for sanctuary and took this book home. Before I knew it, it was 7 am – I had not been able to put it down! I had devoured it in one sitting. It was delightful. One of those books you read on the airplane or train or bus, and suddenly let out a huge, semi-hysterical belly-laugh that makes all your fellow passengers frightened. Filled with the kind of delicious wit where you wish you had been the first one to say it just like that, because goodness knows you thought it. It had been like spending a day with your best girlfriend, talking about all the crazy things in your life, and feeling you were understood.


What I think impressed me most, was that about a third of the way through I thought to myself: “This book is on such a high upward arc, and the tension is building and the surprises are compiling, there is no way, I fear, for the author to A) sustain it, let alone B) keep it building even more.” So, I kept bracing myself for the moment when the book would fall flat and disappoint me (because let’s face it, how many times has that happened in the movie theater or when reading a book). Imagine my surprise and gratitude when the book only kept getting better, never let me down, and actually delivered on all its promises and on my high hopes for a brilliant read. Not at all a hackney’d audience-underestimating book like so many, but a literary, literate, intelligently written book with fully fleshed-out characters whose emotions and reactions were realistic even when embroiled in stranger-than-fiction circumstances. A book that provided enjoyment for the mind as well as spirit. If you want a book that will brighten the darkest dumps and leave you in satisfied-reader heaven, this is the book. I’m buying my best friend and mom each a copy and putting Saralee Rosenberg’s name at the top of my must read list of authors.”


Ms. Rosenberg takes us on a laugh and cry out loud journey! By Cortnee Garland “Lucky Duck” (Portland, OR USA)  “Our reading group decided to try this book for our first title. I picked it up and could not put it down until I was done! I laughed AND cried and loved every minute of it. So many books are carelessly tossed into the “chick-lit” genre, but Claire Voyant certainly does not fit into that category. Yes, it is a story of a young women and how she falls in love. But more than anything, it is the journey of a lost person who felt something missing from her life all along. And our beloved character, Claire, literally must be knocked upside the head to open her eyes to how great her life is, was, and may be.

What I loved about this book was that it really had a different element than a lot of novels I’ve read as of late. The introduction of a sixth sense in the story is done so well that it seems like the most natural thing in the world! And boy does it set up some funny and bittersweet moments! If you are a fan of Saralee Rosenberg, I know you’d stand beside me in recommending this book to all women – age not being a factor. It’s a great read and I’m glad that I discovered it!”


Loved it! By Missy (New York) – “This book is a very funny, but also a heart warming and meaningful, story about family told through a quite funny and appealing character named Claire. I couldn’t put the book down and even found myself looking forward to the commute so I could read more. While the book offers great humor and romance, the themes are actually quite deep in terms of the analysis of family relations and fate. In short, if you are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable read, give this a try!”


The funniest book I’ve read in a long time…Shannon K. (New York, USA) “I was first attracted to the book because of its catchy cover, and after reading the front and back cover, I knew I had to have it! I read Claire Voyant in 2 days because I just couldn’t put it down. Saralee Rosenberg amazingly made an otherwise dramatic story into the most hilarious book I’ve read, even more so than the Shopaholic’s series. While reading it, my husband mentioned that he’s never seen me laugh so much with any other book, and I agree. Even though this book can be seen or is a chick lit trust me when I say, ANYONE WHO LOVES A GOOD LAUGH WILL ENJOY THIS BOOK!
Saralee Rosenberg is my new favorite author!”


I *heart* Claire Voyant! By A. Lively “self proclaimed girly girl”  “Saralee Rosenberg brings these crazy, quirky characters to life that will make you fall in love with them. After reading, A Little Help from Above, I knew that she would be added to my “Favorite Author” list… Claire’s life is totally turned upside down when a passenger on a flight to Miami falls dead in her lap. Even though she doesn’t utter one word to the elderly gentleman, she feels obligated to stay at the airport until his family arrives. Enter VERY cute Father & Son which could make things very interesting…The thing I love about Rosenberg’s novels (besides the laughter) are the hidden meanings that you will take away from her books long after turning the last page…I actually sent the author an email letting her know how much I enjoyed reading Claire Voyant. Have you ever loved a book so much that you stay up until the wee hours of the morning because you can’t put it down? Then, the next day at work, you look like someone has slapped you with the “ugly stick”? Ha – I actually told her I felt like that one day. :-)”


Clairely Excellent! By ChickLit Fan “Claudia” (Pennsylvania) “Every time I judge a book by its cover I am disappointed but not this time. I love the color combos and the design so I decided I’d give it a try as the letter from Claire on the back of the book also pulled me in…The main character, Claire, is funny, sarcastic, dramatic, lovable and human. She made me laugh, get choked up and cheer. I was truly surprised by some of the outcome of events- I never saw them coming. Quirky old Grams, the only person Claire really loves in her family, who at first does not seem like she has a very big role in this book, ends up having the most important one of all…This book has a great range of characters: an elderly prostitute, a movie star, a swinging millionare (and his wife), spoiled brat siblings, a quirky grandmother, a whiney fiancée, a handsome doctor and a ghost, among others. Saralee Rosenberg has an outstanding sense of humor and it comes through clearly. I laughed out loud a lot- it was just that funny.”
Could NOT put this one down, By B. Allie (Mountain View, CA) I read it in two days! It was so much fun, my son kept asking me why I was laughing. Treat yourself to this–you deserve it.


Saralee Rosenberg just keeps getting better and better!By Patti “Loves to read!” – “If you’re like me and read “A Little Help From Up Above” then you’ll know before even opening the front cover how fabulous a book this is! Saralee is an incredible author who has the knack of keeps her readers constantly intrigued while at the same time full of emotions. Like her first book, Claire Voyant was incredibly humorous yet insightful which made it very difficult to put down. I found myself relating to the characters as if I had known them!This may only be Saralee Rosenberg’s second book, but I’m sure we will be hearing from her for MANY years to come. She may be up and coming to some…but to me, she’s been there for a LONG time! Read this book and you’ll fall in love with what to me is the best author out there!”


smart and funny: goes way beyond the expected. By fmbrit “fi2” (Minneapolis) “Have been a fan of the “Chick-lit” books from Bridget Jones days, but finding more and more formulaic single-girl-looking-for-single-guy-who-starts-out-being-horrid-and-mean-but-is-just-misunderstood-books. What started out as stylish, lighthearted fun, is becoming predictable beyond measure…

Decided to dip a toe in the water again, and read “Claire Voyant”, hoping to find something with a little more to it. Enjoyed the book – beyond any expectations. Wow. It wasn’t predictable, it was a little unbelievable (of course, and that’s good!), but it also took a big long look at how our family relationships are never perfect, and how the very best of intentions can get horribly out of control. I loved the sarcasm, the wit, and the love for family, all whilst pursuing love and happiness (and money). I appreciated the inclusion of the Grandmother and her quirky lifestyle, which was imaginative, but had a ring of truth to it. The pace was fast, the characters developed nicely, but never quite as I expected (a good thing too – I want to be surprised, entertained and have the author always one step ahead of me, but never talk down to me).

You know when you have little random flashbacks of scenes or dialogue from a movie, that make you smirk when out in public, or giggle out loud while in the loo? – well this book has that quality too (just warn your friends, and reassure them it isn’t them!).

Couldn’t wait to go to bed to read my chapter for the night – however, like other reviewers before me, I’m afraid I romped through it. Be warned – Saralee Rosenberg is addictive!!”


wonderfully written with respect to spirit communication!By Lori Belche’ (Somerset, MA USA) – “ My first question is why is this not a movie?… this book has such mass appeal! This book combines three unrelated subjects; spirit communication, the entertainment industry and family secrets and makes it flow wonderfully… this book made me laugh constantly thru the two days that it took me to read it. I even find myself picking it up and reading the hilarious parts to give me a lift for the day. I am recommending this book to anyone and everyone! Even Oprah’s Book Club!”


Not Just Chick Lit By Alan Gordon – “Saralee’s books are not just for women. I’ve been a reader of her books for years and I think they are, simply, perfectly written and perfectly enjoyable. I’ve met a great many SR fans, but Ive never met anyone who hadn’t wished that her next book would come out sooner.”