So Sick of Secrets



A Middle-Grade Novel

Students loved the excerpt I read of my first novel for younger readers

Students loved the excerpt I read of SO SICK OF SECRETS.

Stella Jacoby is a medium who could care less about the future. At least not until someone will tell her the truth about her past.

For the lonely eighth-grader, life is a combo meal of ABCs: angst, bewilderment and catastrophe. But D for deception is also on the menu. Both her best friend and boy crush have secretly ditched her for a popular clique. Meanwhile, her father is hiding the truth about the accident that ended her mother’s life. Then, strange texts appear on Stella’s cell phone and a famous TV medium tells her that she is channeling spirit guides (maybe even her mother). Best. News. Ever. Now she can win back friends by impressing them with her special abilities. But when she makes eerie predictions that come true, she is taunted for practicing witchcraft (#ditchthewitch).

Will Stella put the spirits on hold, or try talking to those with whom she has the real disconnect?

So Sick of Secrets is my debut novel for middle-grade readers and the first in my supernatural series, Middle School Medium.