So Sick of Secrets



A Middle-Grade Novel

Students loved the excerpt I read of my first novel for younger readers

Students loved the excerpt I read of THE MIDDLE SCHOOL MEDIUM

Stella Jacoby won’t be impressed with her smartphone until it can reach someone six feet under. Unless it already does.

In SO SICK OF SECRETS, thirteen-year-old Stella receives strange texts and hopes they are a sign she has miraculously connected with her late mother. Heaven knows she has tried a hundred other ways to communicate with her spirit. Trouble is, when Stella replies the messages disappear.

It’s rough because her life is not short of hang-ups. Thanks to Rachel “Her Royal Slyness” Ryder, Stella’s best friend is ditching her, and her boy crush from theater club is exiting stage right. Even worse, her dad won’t discuss their tragic past so she still doesn’t know how her mother died. But when she is taunted for acting like the only kid who ever lost a parent, a bewildered Stella is determined to solve the mystery of her mother’s death and end the abandonment curse.

Enter, Phoebe Castle, Orlando’s favorite TV medium. While taping an episode of her show at the hotel that Stella’s dad manages, she picks up on Stella’s high vibrations. Phoebe claims it is proof that Stella has “the gift” and can speak to the dead. Best. News. Ever… until Stella tests her supposed powers. First, her boy crush vanishes and then Rachel Ryder is hospitalized. Stella is accused of practicing witchcraft (#ditchthewitch) and must decide if being a medium is worth the ridicule and loneliness.

Will Stella put the spirit world on hold, or try talking to those with whom she has a real disconnect?

Thank you for your interest in my new novel. Watch this website for updates on its publication.