Books for Daughters


(A Work-In-Progress)

Stella Jacoby wishes her smartphone could reach someone six feet under. Or maybe it does.

In this novel, thirteen-year-old Stella receives strange texts and hopes they are coming from her deceased mother. Trouble is when she replies, the messages disappear. So unfair! Stella’s dad won’t discuss their tragic past and spirit contact may be the only way for her to learn the truth. But when she is ditched by her best friend for being obsessed with the dead, a bewildered Stella must prove that heaven and earth are closer than people think. Enter, Phoebe Castle, Orlando’s famous TV medium. Before a taping, she tells Stella that the strange texts may be a sign that she is also a medium. Great news until Stella tests her powers. After her boy crush, Sam, vanishes and a popular girl is hospitalized, Stella is accused of practicing witchcraft. Even worse, she gets a vision of Sam’s whereabouts and her dad forbids her from speaking up. Now she must decide if being a medium is worth the ridicule, and if honest communication with her father matters more than trying to talk to her late mother.

THE MIDDLE SCHOOL MEDIUM is for girls that worry and wonder. Will they ever be able to trust their inner voice, or will it always be drowned out by family and friends?